CDC Awards $28.6M for Big Data Analytics to Track Opioid Abuse

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September 06, 2017

“This sort of data analytics team can tell us important information about prescription opioids—like which physicians are writing opioid prescriptions at a rate that far exceeds their peers; how many of a doctor’s patients died within 60 days of an opioid prescription; the average age of the patients receiving these prescriptions; pharmacies that are dispensing disproportionately large amounts of opioids; and regional hot spots for opioid issues.”

CMS has also released a number of resources and guidelines targeted to the healthcare provider community, including maps that help visualize Medicare opioid prescribing hotspots and an updated roadmap to reduce opioid misuse that integrates patient-centered strategies for managing high-risk individuals.

“CMS is committed to high-quality care, including appropriate pain management,” the organization said in a January blog post.

“In order to best fulfill that commitment, we need to modify trends in opioid prescribing, use, misuse, and overdose, and increase support services to help individuals recover from opioid use disorder, as well as provide the full spectrum of evidence-based practices for acute and chronic pain management.”

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