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Misuse, Abuse & Deaths

Cases of Misuse and Abuse

11.5% of Lorain County residents reported prescription opioid misuse or abuse in the past year, 2.5 times the national average and similar to the rate for the state of Ohio.

Heroin Usage

0.5% reported heroin use in the past year, double the national average.

Emergency Department Visits

Opioid use contributed to 2,691 annual emergency department visits in Lorain County.

Opioid-Related Deaths

Opioid overdose caused 132 deaths in Lorain County in 2016. This number is expected to increase in 2017 and again in 2018.


12% of Lorain County residents report misuse/abuse of opioids, 2.5X the national average.


Number of emergency room visits due to opioid misuse or abuse annually in Lorain County.

Economic Burden


The annual economic burden of the opioid crisis in Lorain County reached nearly $200 million in 2016. The most significant economic impacts are lost wages, productivity, and tax revenues due to opioid-related fatalities and opioid use disorders; increased healthcare costs resulting from overdoses and indirect health complications; and additional criminal justice (police, judicial, and corrections) expenditures.

Productivity Losses

Lost Earnings and Productivity, in Millions USD

EventIndividual & Private Sector LossesLost Federal Tax RevenuesLost State Tax RevenuesLost Local Tax Revenues
Overdose Fatalities$80.7M$20.2M$2.5M$2.9M
Nonfatal Productivity$23.4M$5.9M$0.7M$0.8M

Increased Healthcare Costs, in Millions USD

Overdose Costs$2.9M$11.7M$3.8M
Indirect Costs$3.9M$15.6M$5.8M
Criminal Justice, Child and Family Assistance

Increased Criminal Justice Costs, in Millions USD

CategoryAnnual Cost
Police Protection$2.7M
Judicial & Legal$1.3M
Corrections & Incarceration$2.9M
Property Losses$0.3M
Prevention & Treatment

Notably, the estimate of spending on treatment and prevention when compared with the other components is extremely small, 2.7 percent

Press & Media

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